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Planning for 2024: Recent Law Grads & NCA Candidates (Key Dates Enclosed)

Updated: Jan 17

Back by popular demand! The Comprehensive Law Graduate Calendar that featured in the first-ever-blog on this site way back in 2019 has been updated to all the 2024/25 dates/deadlines for:

  1. NCA Registration & Examination Weeks

  2. Summer Associate Applications (Ontario)

  3. Articling Position Applications (Ontario)

  4. Law Society of Ontario, and

  5. Court Clerkship Applications (Ontario + Supreme Court)

Also enclosed are key links to helpful blog posts for each stage of your legal journey. You can read and download the full calendar here.

Best of luck!



Disclaimer: The Calendar is meant to be a guide but not a definitive source of information. While I've made every effort to ensure the dates enclosed are correct for the 2024/25 year, please verify all dates/deadlines with the appropriate organization to ensure personal success. Key law recruitment dates are written from an Ontario perspective. Requirements and dates in your province may differ.

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