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Sharing Stories: NCA Grad Interviews

The NCA process can feel lonely sometimes. Unlike the more collaborative learning environment we are all use to from law school, many NCA students "go it alone" without support from other law school classmates or mentors.

Whether you are considering law school abroad and wondering what obstacles you will face upon your return to Canada, or already in the midsts of the NCA process, it can be helpful to get insight from other internationally trained law students who have successfully completed the NCAs and/or fully qualified in Canada.

To help you develop perspective on the NCA process, the various ways to complete the NCAs, and career options post-licensing, I've collected a series of interviews from friends and colleagues who have successfully completed the NCA Exams. Each interviewee has approached the NCAs differently -- be it self-study or an LLM -- and writes from a different place within the rest of the licensing process.

Hopefully you find their perspectives helpful and insightful no matter where you currently find yourself in the licensing process...

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