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Ontario Bar Tools: The Bar Essentials Course

Welcome to this new series where I will help you explore and evaluate the best resources to help you prepare for the Ontario Bar. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing some of the key resources and tools out there to help you get the most out of your study time.

I decided to start this series with The Bar Essentials Course by LexPD because I truly think it is one of the first resources you should engage with as you embark on your bar studies. Stay tuned for future posts on selecting a bar index and the value of practice questions as well.

What is The Bar Essentials Course?

Taking the LexPD Bar Essentials course is probably the most helpful thing I did to prepare for the Ontario Bar Exams. While I now work for LexPD (full disclosure!) I would 100% recommend this course even if I wasn’t affiliated with the company. During this 2-day intensive course, totalling 5 hours of virtual class time, LexPD’s Liran Kandin teaches the core time management, question reading, and index skills you need to pass the exam. The course also directs you on how to study for the bar by highlighting key topics and how your index can complement your studies.

While you won’t learn any of the substantive law in this course, knowing the law is only half the battle when it comes to passing the Bar. One of the biggest challenges students face on the exam is managing time and evaluating what questions are actually asking you under pressure. So many students I’ve talked to in my work have complained about running out of time, not being able to answer all the questions, or feeling like all the questions were full of tricks.

The Bar Essentials course helps you tackle these problems by teaching you how to approach the exam strategically, how to manage your time effectively, how to spot keywords and red herrings in the questions so you avoid being tricked by them and wasting time, and how to use your Index when you need to find answers to the questions in the LSO materials. Knowing how to read questions to eliminate the noise you don’t need to worry about, and effectively using your index when necessary to find the correct answer, can be the difference between passing and failing the exam.

As I studied for the New York Bar and Ontario Bar in tandem, and can say with confidence that the quality and value of the skills Liran teaches is on-par with the quality of the big US bar-prep companies.

When is the course offered?

LexPD runs The Bar Essentials course a number of times a year in tandem with the Ontario Bar sittings. Generally, the course if offered a month or two before the Bar Exam dates so you have more than enough time to attend the course in preparation for the exam itself.

You can find dates and prices on LexPD's website here:


That's all for now, friends. If you're planning to take the Ontario Bar exam, I highly recommend the Bar Essentials Course by LexPD -- it's full of must-have skills you'll need to develop if you want to pass the exam! Stay tuned for our next post, where we'll share some tips on how to select a Bar Index. Good luck with your studies!



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