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Making The Most of Empty Spaces

We've all been spending a little more time inside these days—which can be frustrating and boredom inducing at best. Whether you are an NCA student, Law Student, or Bar Student, very likely you are suddenly finding yourself with some extra time on your hands and nothing to do with it.

Three weeks in to quarantine here in New York City, I'm finally starting to settle into a lock-down routine. Luckily, my LL.M classes have continue (albeit online) and coursework keeps be fairly busy but all of my extracurricular time is suddenly free.

It's important, I think, to keep your mind active and busy in these trying circumstances. Do things that bring you joy and calm — whether that's pursing "self improvement" activities or just being a couch potato. So here's what I'm doing to fill my time...


What I'm Reading (outside of school)

I'd started the The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken for the third time with every intention of finishing it this time! This book offers you a very real look at the inner workings of the UK's criminal system but even if you aren't practicing in the UK, this anonymous author's take on access to justice and general qualities that make courts and the legal system detrimentally inefficient are an interesting thought exercise and point of comparison for assessing your own jurisdiction.

At the end of the month, the Secret Barrister's second book, entitled Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in a n Age of Lies, will be available and I'm very much looking forward it as well.

What I'm Listening To

Podcasts! I'm a huge fan of podcasts as a quick and easy way to get interesting perspectives on global affairs—mostly because, unlike reading, I can listen to a podcast while doing other menial tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Here are my top picks for this week:

  • What Next: Daily News and Analysis This Slate podcast has been a constant for me over the last year or so and their daily perspective on current affairs is super interesting and helpful.

  • Freakonomics A great way to make sense of the economic impacts of our current situation

  • The AI Effect Playing catch-up with this one, but a great perspective on the impact and progress of AI in Canada.

What I'm Watching

If I gave you the full list we'd be here for days, but my top shows at the moment are Monk (and oldie, but a goodie), The Good Fight (catching up before the new season!) and Brooklyn 99 (of course!)


There you have it! My boredom busting pandemic survival activities — for this week at least.

Remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the extra time you have to relax if you can.

If you are an NCA student, remember to keep your eye on the prize, don't stop studying completely, but do feel free to slow down your pace a little. This pandemic won't last forever. Make sure you are well rested and prepared for the busy months we have ahead of us when life gets back to normal.


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