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How I Approach the NCAs & Succeed (IRAC and beyond)

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Hello my NCA Exam takers! As we get close to another round of NCA Exams, many students have asked me how I succeeded on NCA Exams. I’ve heard questions like: “How come I study hard and still blank-out in the exam hall?” and “How do I answer a question that instructs me to write a memo? I’ve never written a memo before!” As someone who use to suffer from exam-anxiety I can relate to the tone of nervousness underpinning all these questions.

As a successful NCA grad who wrote 7 exams in 9 months (3 sittings), I’m here to help with my tips and tricks for making your NCA exams a smooth and relatively stress-free process!

For me, finding and applying structure was the one way to ensure I felt grounded both before the exam and during the exam itself. I’ve talked extensively about how I structured my notes and the binder I bring with me to each exam in past blog posts; this is certainly key.

Today, though, I will focus on how to use reading time effectively, managing your time efficiently, and making the IRAC format work for you. If you get these skills down, your answers will be succinct and clear, putting you in the best position to get top-marks for your work.

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