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Feeling Stuck, But Staying Strong

Law students and lawyers like timelines. The legal career, from law school to licensing to partnership, revolves around a set milestones with well-defined timeframes. From the moment you set your feet down on a law school campus, the clock starts ticking: three years to graduate, one year to article and write the bar, six to eight years to partnership. It can be exhausting, intimidating, and demoralizing.

Even in an era of cancellations and postponements, with the whole world stopped thanks to a global pandemic, law students feel the anxiety of career milestones being ripped out from under them and tossed far into the future. Whether you’ve had an NCA sitting cancelled, a bar exam postponed, your law school courses drastically restructured, or employment offers revoked, know that you aren’t alone in your frustration and disappointment.

But, how do we keep a sense of perspective and overcome feeling “stuck” when our career timelines are disrupted? I have a few suggestion for you…

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