Toronto, London, New York City, and Back Again


Tiffany is a law graduate interested in Corporate and Insurance Law and the legal challenges around Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockahin. She is a Canadian who studied Law in the United Kingdom and recently completed her LL.M at NYU Law. She is currently in the process of qualifying as a Lawyer in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA. In her spare time, she is an avid photographer and traveler who loves capturing the beauties of London, Europe, and beyond.

The Transition is aimed at providing helpful information about the Canadian qualification process to UK Law Students wishing to qualify in Canada and Canadians considering legal studies in the UK. The blog also explores qualification routes in the USA with a specific focus on New York State. Studying and working abroad are phenomenal ways to broaden your perspectives and grow both personally and professionally. I hope this blog helps you make informed and strategical decisions regarding the next steps in your legal career. 

Finally, this is a place of thought. Always a student at heart, I love to think through legal issues related to technology and innovation. Occasionally, you'll find my thoughts on articles and developments in Corporate and Technology Law as it relates to AI, IP, and tech innovation. Enjoy!

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